‘Bourne 5′ Delayed Till July 2016
In a move that shouldn't surprise too many people, Universal announced that the sequel to 'The Bourne Legacy,' the untitled 'Bourne 5,' has been delayed to 2016. The film, the fifth in the long-running and widely liked franchise, was originally set to arrive in theaters on A…
Happy 117th Birthday Moe Of ‘The Three Stooges’ [VIDEO]
If love you "The Three Stooges" like I do, take note that today is Moe Howard's birthday, and he would have been 117 years old. Moe, one of the three Howard brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp Howard) was the feisty leader of the trio, with Larry Fine always present to take whateve…
“Gremlins” Is 30 Years Old
How old do you feel now?  The Spielberg blockbuster is 30 years old. 8 June, 1984, we were all lining up at the theaters to catch this PG-13 horror flick.  Where on earth did the time go?
Is ‘Ant-Man’ in Danger of Missing Its 2015 Release Date?
When it was announced that Edgar Wright was leaving 'Ant-Man,' Marvel said in its statement that the planned July 17, 2015 release date would not be changed. But, as the reality of the situation sets in and Marvel scrambles to find a suitable replacement, it's becoming apparent that, …
Check Out Donnie Darko in 8-Bit Cinema
CineFix, the geniuses behind 8-bit re-imaginings of such classic films as Pulp Fiction, Inception and A Clockwork Orange, have turned their attentions to one of the most polarizing and confusing movies of all time, Donnie Darko.

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