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Meet Ryan Quinn – 50 Musicians In 50 Days
If you haven't heard the name Ryan Quinn, well today's when all that's gonna change! I didn't know who he was until this past Christmas when he grabbed his guitar and opened his mouth and every other jaw in the place also hit the ground too!
Meet Jason Schnitt – 50 Musicians In 50 Days
If you ever meet Jay, he comes across as being really quiet and reserved, but put a guitar in his hands or ask him about the things he loves and he just comes alive. Jason Schnitt has been a  fixture of the Utica area 'underground' scene for decades
Meet Paul Case – 50 Musicians In 50 Days
One local musical legend spent years partying it up in the Florida Keys, what most of us consider to be the perfect vacation, but now his idea of vacation is right at home with his wife and kids tucked away under the snow in Old Forge.

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