Brian and I had never met before he popped into the studio for his interview, but we hit it off right away and before we knew it, the minutes ticked by and we lost track of time! This happens often when you get (at least) two musicians in a room together and you can learn more about The Archipelagos' bassist by listening below! He also thought to grab his beloved guitar which he calls 'Frankenstein' to share an original with us too!


photo: (Brian Premo) Eduardo J. Molina

Meet Brian And Hear How He Got Started And What He's Up To!


photo: (Brian Premo) Keith James / TSM

Now Hear An Original Song And Find Out More About Him...


photo: (Brian Premo) Keith James / TSM


Over at the old Castle Recording Studios, preparing to lay it dowwwn...


photo: (Brian Premo) Tiffany Rae Azzarito

How about some more relaxing sounds from Brian...




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