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The Reason You Have Bad Breath and How to Fix It
One of the worst qualities a person can have is bad breath. Bad breath usually comes in the morning and after meals, which is normal, but if you have constant bad breath there is a reason for it and you need to consider making a few changes to prevent it.
What To Do If You Clog Grandma’s Toilet This Christmas
Christmas and New Year's Eve are two holidays that bring families together. Usually a lot of food is eaten and drinks are drunk. Naturally, our bodies respond to this intake and the use of a bathroom is usually required. So, what happens when you make the embarrassing mistake of clogging t…
Want Facebook to Stop Tracking Your Google Searches?
Have you noticed after searching something or shopping online, especially after putting something into a "cart," you start to see ads for that product on your Facebook News Feed? You are not wrong in assuming the social media site is tracking your online behavior to cater ads to yo…
Top 5 Hangover Remedies For The Morning After
You went and really did yourself in this time, had a little too much fun and now it's time to pay the piper. You're stuck with that pounding hangover, so what now? Here's 5 remedies that I stumbled across during a morning after Google search of my own...

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