Top 10 Websites for Creating Custom Christmas Cards
This is the time of year for you to start thinking about your family Christmas card. It's the one thing many distant relatives and in-laws look forward to every year. Whether it's just the kids, the kids and the pets, or the whole family you want to make sure your card is the best!
Award Winning Gingerbread House
Every year, our family has a Gingerbread House Day at a different relative's house.  This "friendly competition" has evolved into a pretty intense design process to try to out-do last year's sweet creations.  This year, one out-of-town relative submitted an earl…
Introducing The Elf On The Utica Shelf
Are your kids obsessed with Elf on the Shelf? This elf has made it's way into our homes over the past few years. This Christmas season, share your elf photos locally with "The Elf on the Utica Shelf".

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