Big Brother Spoilers- Week 3 Veto Competition
In a summer filled with possibly the most drama ever, life in the Big Brother house moves on. We have some spoilers on the Veto competition that took place over the weekend. So WARNING: MAJOR BIG BROTHER SPOILERS AHEAD.
Big Brother 14- First Veto Challenge
There has been nothing but tension and drama inside the Big Brother house this year. With last night’s episode on CBS, it seems extremely apparent. Let’s dive into our full recap.
Big Brother SPOILER ALERT- Week 1 Veto Competition Winner
Big Brother 14 on CBS has already packed a huge punch. It seems that the shows on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday are so far behind on the live feeds. The BB14 live feeds have already shown us the Veto competition, and Veto results. We have those spoilers ahead. WARNING, BIG BROTHER 14 SPOILERS AHEA…

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