Some how, some way, Angus T. Jones will be allowed to finish his 10th filth season on “Two and Half Men”. If for some reason CBS cans him before that (which in my opinion they should) he could have a new gig with Uncle Charlie Sheen over on his FX show “Anger Management”.

Sheen told

"My former nephew is welcome at the Goodson Anger Management home anytime."Sheen previously gave his opinion on Jones’ own show scandal, blaming Lorre for pushing the teen into a “Hale-Bopp-like meltdown,”

As you remember Sheen used to play Jones' uncle on the CBS sitcom before he got the axe. Since then the Rockstar from Mars rebounded playing therapist Charles Goodson in the new series loosely based on the movie of the same title.

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[via New York Daily News]