Take A 7th Inning Stretch Baltimore Orioles Style [VIDEO]
It's fun to look at 7th inning stretch songs at Major League Baseball parks. While most often, the sing-along song is "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", many teams have their own song. You'll never guess what the Baltimore Orioles fans sing along with during their stretch (un…
Matt Harvey’s Twitter Flap
I understand he's kinda tired of being cooped up in rehab and wants to do more than just watch Mets baseball, but the Matt Harvey drama over silliness is starting to concern me.
Pujols Hits 2 HR To Reach 500
Albert Pujols went deep twice on Tuesday night to push his career home run total to the once immortal 500 club lifting the Los Angeles Angels past the Washington Nationals 7-2.
New York Mets And Rheingold Beer Go Way Back [VIDEO]
Baseball and beer have a long history together, and if you're a New York Mets fan and remember the days of Shea Stadium, you probably saw (or drank) plenty of Rheingold Beer. Rheingold was also a sponsor of many televised games, and we found a vintage TV commercial featuring the voice of the Me…

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