New York Mets And Rheingold Beer Go Way Back [VIDEO]
Baseball and beer have a long history together, and if you're a New York Mets fan and remember the days of Shea Stadium, you probably saw (or drank) plenty of Rheingold Beer. Rheingold was also a sponsor of many televised games, and we found a vintage TV commercial featuring the voice of the Me…
‘Baseball And Ballantine’ Vintage Beer Commercials [VIDEO]
Ever since the Abner Doubleday invented the game, baseball and beer have been intertwined. The beer concession stands, the beer guy at the stadium and beer TV commercials. When I was a kid, I remember watching those Ballantine Beer commercials voiced by legendary New York Yankees announcer, Mel Alle…
Major League Baseball Begins 2014 Season
A sure sign of springs is when "The Boys Of Summer" are back in action. And the 2014 Major League Baseball season is underway (sort of). If you're a baseball fan, you know that the L.A. Dodgers swept two regular season games  over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia. No…
Major League Baseball Spring Training Underway
Even though central New York is in the midst of winter, Major League Baseball spring training is underway, and that's a good sign of warmer days ahead. Tourists visiting these spring training sites and attending exhibition games has become big business. Here are the details.

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