Wow, until now, I thought only Otis Campbell could pull this off.  If you don't know who Otis Campbell is, well, ask a 40 something or older. :)  Please read on.A 34-year-old "repeat offender with substance abuse issues" simply freed himself from the Santa Cruz county jail into which he was being processed on Monday. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports Craig Michael Souza had been arrested the same day on a probation violation and another charge. While he was on the phone making bail arrangements, he noticed jail workers coming off their shift at 7 p.m. would buzz a door, flash their IDs at a guard, and walk out of the jail.

Souza just walked up to the line of exiting employees and buzzed himself out; the guard didn't even check an ID.
The would-be inmate turned himself in the next day, however. "Obviously it's an embarrassment for us," jail spokesman Lt. Jeremy Verinsky told the paper. "We're investigating to make sure it doesn't happen again,"