Stanford University’s football team has become a powerhouse, they've had some great basketball success and they even launched Tiger Woods. Did they tell these students to take easy classes so they could play on the teams?

Usually "smart" schools have trouble in sports since they refuse to recruit athletes who can't handle their top-level academics.  So this makes perfect sense.  Some journalists according to the San Francisco Chronicle started poking around and found out one way Stanford helps their athletes stay academically eligible.

Every semester, the Stanford athletic department puts together a list of easy classes and passes the list out to its athletes.  That way they know exactly which classes are easy so they wont fail. That truly is amazing. I wish I had a coach or teacher do this for me!

Some of the easy courses include: Social Dances of North America, Interpersonal Relations, and Beginning Improvising.

Stanford's athletic department quickly responded.  They say people have it all wrong.  The list isn't supposed to be easy classes it's supposed to be early classes that free athletes up for afternoon practice.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Either way I think that’s amazing. Shows coaches truly care about the athletes!