Charlie Sheen is suing Warner Bros. and the executive producer of “Two and a Half Men” for $100 million in a lawsuit seeking to recoup his salary and wages for the show’s cast and crew. The breach of contract lawsuit alleges

production was halted on the CBS sitcom in part to punish Sheen for recent behavior that has included two hospitalizations and a series of interviews in which he has attacked executive producer Chuck Lorre. The filing comes four days after Sheen was terminated from the sitcom. Sheen’s lawsuit alleges that Warner Bros. gave in to Lorre’s desire to punish Sheen, and that the producer and studio conspired to blame the actor for causing production to stop. A termination letter cited concerns about Sheen’s health. Sheen’s lawyer said it would be illegal for the studio to fire the actor if he had the physical and mental issues described in the letter.