If you’re still looking for reasons for a Red Robin to come to our city here in Utica, you’ll have another argument after reading this. In honor of Oktoberfest, Red Robin is adding a milkshake with Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer. Yup, beer and dairy mixed together. 

"Nothing says Oktoberfest better than a beer, so I incorporated the fun spirit of Red Robin into this innovative milkshake," Donna Ruch, master mixologist with Red Robin, told Fox News. "Now, our guests don't have to choose between a beer or a shake to go with their burger. They can have the very best of both in our new Octoberfest Milkshake."

Honestly the malty-sweet caramel flavor of the Octoberfest beer will probably go well with the milkshake. But I still don’t know how I feel about this one. The nearest Red Robin by the way if you're looking to try this gem out is at 610 Towne Drive in Fayetteville.

Would you drink this masterpiece? I guess Beer floats have been around for some time. Check out how to make one at home.




[via Boston.com]