Not far from my hometown in Ohio sits the Pro Football Hall of Fame where you can check out the history of the sport from it's inception till now, and speaking of inception as you're watching Monday Night Football tonight keep in mind that the NFL was actually born today almost a century ago, but back then it was known as the American Professional Football Conference...

Here's a little history about today's significance:

On this day in 1920, seven men, including legendary all-around athlete and football star Jim Thorpe, meet to organize a professional football league at the Jordan and Hupmobile Auto Showroom in Canton, Ohio. The meeting led to the creation of the American Professional Football Conference (APFC), the forerunner to the hugely successful National Football League. Professional football first proved itself a viable spectator sport in the 1910s with the establishment of The Ohio League. Canton, the premiere team in the league, featured legendary decathlete and football star Jim Thorpe. From his play with the Carlisle School to his gold medal in the decathlon in Stockholm in 1912 and his time in the outfield with John McGraw’s New York Giants, Thorpe was an international star who brought legitimacy to professional football. The crowds that Thorpe and the Canton team drew created a market for professional football in Ohio and beyond.

The new league started playing ball about a week later and the rest is, well... history! Have fun watching the game tonight! Who's gonna take it down, Matt Ryan with the no-huddle offense of the Falcon's or the tried and true Broncos under the arm of Peyton Manning?