Brenna Jennings either has quite the wit or her family is out of a wife and mother! After all who works harder than moms?? As a dad I can so identify with her plight. The girl who did the original video has even landed a new job offer from Queen Latifah after appearing on her show and not like Brenda's looking for a new job, but she sure gets mad points for creativity. Husbands and kids everywhere take note. Your woman likely won't quit but she can totally make your 'working environment' a total hell!




Marina Shifrin Quits Her Job While Dancing To Kanye

One girl proves the point of quality over quantity in a very unique and totally ironic way. She works (worked) for a company that makes news videos and after some time of throwing her heart into her job, she decided she'd had enough of turning out video after video that had little substance and made the ultimate video as she flipped the bird to her boss in grand form while she left for good.