One girl proves the point of quality over quantity in a very unique and totally ironic way. She works (worked) for a company that makes news videos and after some time of throwing her heart into her job, she decided she'd had enough of turning out video after video that had little substance and made the ultimate video as she flipped the bird to her boss in grand form while she left for good. After almost 5 million views in a single day, I'd say she proved her point quite effectively. Wonder if the company will hire back that totally took them to school!




Priest Tells Off Photographers During Wedding Ceremony

I've seen alot in the bunch of weddings that I've done but this one takes the... Cake, ahem...This officiant is either too self-centered to notice or has gonads of steel, maybe both. The thing that somebody forgot to tell him in wedding school was that if the bride isn't complaining, Don't.