Well, they finally did it... AND they're going to produce it commercially! For a paltry $40K this Quadski vehicle can be in your garage and/or your boat dock, and just in time for Christmas too as it's expected to be released at the end of this year!


The biggest piece of news besides it's land/water capability is that it's equally as fast on wet as it is dry. It zips along at speeds up to 45mph on lands and can go JUST as fast on water. Previous attempts at a vehicle of this kind could only do 10mph on water.

"You just drive straight into the water, quite fast, and keep on going. It's sort of magic," the founder of Gibbs Sports Amphibians, Alan Gibbs, said in a recent interview.

What's also cool about this invention is it morphs from land mode to water mode in just a handful of seconds, no really... Like 5 of em. You flip the switch and the wheels retract (the front wheels as soon as you hit the water) and Boom! You're on a jetski!

Of course you're drooling like crazy, but it's the price-tag could be it's downfall. While $40K may seem like a lot compared to what ATVs and Jet-Skis cost today, it's actually considerably cheaper than similar models that have come before, unless of course you just have $200K just lying around, then this little guy is just a drop in the bucket. The company hopes to sell 1,000 of these in the coming year but given that people are really pinching pennies these days, we may not see many on Oneida Lake or up in Old Forge for awhile. But even besides it's 'fun-factor' imagine what these could do for law enforcement, emergency medical technicians or the military! Watch the video below and dream, like me... Now all's we need is a snowmobile that flies!