As the first keyboard player to be a guest for the 50 Days series, Terrence Thornton represented in style, taking us all to church on a Wednesday morning on a classic hits station! He fronts the band Prime Seven, yeah seven dudes to split a paycheck with but these guys play for a greater purpose than the cash. Even though Terrence and the boys sport some major chops, they can't help but give the glory away to it's source. Catch his story as he gives love to everyone else but himself and lights up my keyboard in a way that it's never been played (and keys are his SECOND instrument! What?!?)


photo: (Prime Seven) Tommie Mason

Walk Terrence's path from in-utero to now and hear the concept behind 'Prime Seven'


photo: (Terrence Thornton) Keith James / TSM

Hear him take us to church in-studio and then talk more behind the scenes


Thornton shows us some of the capabilities of the illustrious Hammond B3



And now for the master and his keys surrounded by temple musicians, many of which are in Prime Seven


photo: (Terrence Thorton) Tyra McKinsey


The bowling musical prophet and the flying radio one... Haha


photo: (Terrence Thornton) Keith James / TSM


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