A rocker through and through and been in the same band for the last 30 years, Shane Troy Parry has fronted 'Red Hush' since back when teachers could still nab him for running in the halls and chewing gum. Now he makes his own rules and his teachers come out to see him play, or not! Tag along as we get into STP's life and hear he and his longtime friends do their thing as we play a cut from their newest album on the radio for the first time!



photo: (Shane Parry) Kim Haldas Jalonack

Hear about Red Hush's origins and find out what else fuels Shane's appetite!



photo: (Red Hush) NVP Photography

Now for the radio debut of Red Hush's single 'This Ain't Love' from their new album!

And now for a taste of Red Hush LIVE along with Mike Santalucia from the Bomb... NSFW Language ahead, just sayin...



photo: (Shane Parry) Keith James / TSM


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