photo: Matt Ossowski

Max Scialdone moved heaven and earth to make it into the studio and finally made it in after a couple days of car troubles when a record-breaking ice cycle fell from the sky through his windshield! You've heard the name when he came in second for the KJ All Star Band Vocalist, now meet the man behind 'The Max Scialdone Band' and 'Into Shadow'. He even played his original song 'In There' on-air which you can see the recently released music video of below. Listen in and enjoy!


photo: (Max Scialdone) Keith James / TSM

Listen In As We Meet Max...

photo: (Max Scialdone) Keith James / TSM

An Now For The Worldwide (lol) LIVE Radio Debut of 'In There'...

...And as promised, his music video that caught my attention in the first place!



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