Welcome to Fifty Musicians in Fifty Days, part two in our series amplifying local music louder than any sound system can! If you know someone who takes the stage in the area regularly whether they pick up an instrument (ANY instrument or several), are a singer, a songwriter, play solo or in a band, we wanna know about them!

Nominate your favorite local musicians and if we pick them, they'll be invited in-studio for at least an interview and if possible a live performance too, both of which will be covered on-air and online! Nominate your fave below now and don't forget to include your contact info too so we can get a hold of you in case we need your help getting in touch with your pick!


Joosep Martinson/Getty Images


This nomination form will stay active for the entire 10 weeks of the promotion, so come back when you think of some other local who really turns your crank live and don't forget when you hear us talk about them on their special day, enter their name in our Classic Rewards Club below for a chance to win something special for your efforts!