The 96.1 Morning Show became the 'Mo Show' as one of the most celebrated and legendary drummers in the Utica area rolled through the station with an equally celebrated box of Dunkin Donuts! Born and bread a true Utican Italian, like a couple of our other interviewees he played in the band Target and is now holding down the drum chair for Soul Injection. He has taught and inspired drummers far and wide, many of which are playing out in popular area now and even has a nationally released recording on UA! Listen in as he tells his rich story and find out what else this drumming monster is into besides banging the daylights out of his drums.


photo: (Maurice Putrello) Kelly Yacco

Hear about all of the bands Mo's played in and what led him to Soul Injection


photo: (Soul Injection) Freddy Pipereta

He lives eats and breathes drums but there are a few other things he's got his hands in too!


Mo driving Soul Injection at the Savoy a couple of summers ago...



Mo's in this 'Run to the Drums' group of drummers... somewhere.


photo: (Maurice Putrello) Joe Rossi


Plenty of reasons to be happy... Too. Much. Fun!


photo: (Maurice Putrello) Keith James / TSM

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