The past two seasons of AMC's “The Walking Dead” have been intense. We first stumbled upon Maggie Greene when Carl was shot and rushed to Maggie's father's farm. Since then, her on-screen showmance with Glenn showed hope for love in a zombie filled world. Who's the woman behind America's farmer's daughter? Meet Lauren Cohan. 

Lauren was born on January 7th 1982 in Philadelphia. Suring her childhood she moved to her mother's native country the United Kingdom. Lauren graduated from the University of Winchester / King Alfred's College where she studied Drama and English Literature, before touring with a theatre company she co-founded at the University.

Lauren got her TV debut first on Season Three of "Supernatural" as Bela Talbot. She appeared in six episodes. She is also known for playing the recurring character Rose, a 500 year old vampire in "The Vampire Diaries". In February, she joined the television series “Chuck” as Vivian Volkoff, a "charming, sophisticated socialite" from Somerset, England, and the daughter of primary villain, Alexei Volkoff.

Currently you fall in love with Lauren on AMC's “The Walking Dead” as she plays Maggie Greene. Maggie Greene is Hershel's middle daughter. She is shown as rebellious and independent. Her relationship with Glenn starts off as a need to have a sexual partner, later it turns to love. You've fallen in love with Maggie, admit it! It's ok! America has!

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