Another arm of the Moyer family musical dynasty, this one may be the youngest, but he's so talented it's ridiculous! From perfect pitch to drum pounding to upside down bass (that's right, the opposite of upright) to singing his cajones off, that's all just a drop in the bucket of his skills. Formerly of his brother's band Gridley Paige, he's most recently landed behind the drum kit for Square Pegs and has two other projects with his equally musical wife, Molly but for as musically involved as he is, he never loses sight of family. Dig into the life of the guy who was nominated for every single category for the KJ All Star Band, because well. He CAN.


photo: (Jeff Moyer, Keith James) Jen James

Hear two former bandmates catch up as I steal Jeff Moyer at work


photo: (Jeff & Molly Moyer) Jamie Thiessen

Dig into more of the Moyer family legacy and what Jeff is up to now


Jeff Moyer on bass... (scroll)



...On drums...



...On guitar...



...On vocals... (might recognize the keys guy, just sayin)



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