Jared was nice enough to spare a few minutes of his time while he was getting ready for school this morning to give us some insight into his musical background (which is extensive for someone of his age) and reveal the formula he used to snag over HALF of the almost 19,000 votes for the guitar chair! Take notes drummers, you're up next! He plays in not one but TWO are bands and is very active musically at his high school. Listen to the audio of the interview below and check out some video of him shredding below as we learn what makes Jared tick!

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...And Now His Guitar Will Do The Talking...



We Have A Winner For The Keith James All Star Guitarist

After a week of fierce voting between 26 nominees for the Keith James All Star Band guitarist and almost 19,000 votes cast, Jared Wentrick of Against All Odds has emerged victorious with a whopping 51% of the vote! That's way over NINE THOUSAND VOTES for this kid who has yet to graduate high school!