After a week of fierce voting between 26 nominees for the Keith James All Star Band guitarist and almost 19,000 votes cast, Jared Wentrick of Against All Odds has emerged victorious with a whopping 51% of the vote! That's way over NINE THOUSAND VOTES for this kid who has yet to graduate high school!

Kevin Barefoot of Off The Record came in 2nd with another 16% of the vote and Doug Boehlert of The Rick Short Band came in at 3rd with almost 10%. Runners up included Justin Smithson of Showtime, Chris Andreski of SLUG, Justin Smithson of Showtime, Dave Brown of Fulton Chain Gang and John Castello of Tweed.


Photo: (Jared Wentrick) Bambi Rowland

Jared will join me, Walt Butler on bass and an as yet mystery drummer, and unknown singer onstage November 7th at Cavallo's for a fun one-of-a-kind jam! Next up, get your nominations ready for who you'd like to see play drums in our Super Group! Click below for the link and let's keep this ball rolling. Nominations will last for the next week and then it's voting the week after... Let's do this!


Nominate Your Favorite Central New York Drummer

We have a bass player and a guitar player, now it's time to nominate the cog that keeps the wheels of ANY band turning: The DRUMMER! Let's compile the list for picking the third member of the Keith James All-Star Band !