Now one would think if you didn’t have much money, you wouldn’t build up a giant bar tab right? Well apparently the rumor is true; people can really be that stupid. A Pasco County man is now behind bars by not only building up a large bar tab and not being able to pay, but robbing a bank in order to pay. Pure brilliance.

Our fifty-two-year-old friend John ordered a beer at the Hayloft Bar in Port Richey, Florida on Thursday afternoon knowing full well he couldn’t pay. John must have realized this was a problem, and got up and left the bar. The bartender noticed that John got up for about 30 minutes in between beers. Turns out during these little breaks John walked a few doors down to a Wells Fargo bank and robbed it.

Deputies got a call that the bank had been robbed and It didn't take them long to find John back inside the Hayloft Bar in front of his beer. No word if he got to settle his tab before heading off to jail.

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