From the files of people I’m still shocked are relevant in 2012, let’s focus our attention on Jack Nicholson. His last decent movie was back in 2007, and some how his name is still in headlines. One Brazilian man helped bring Jack back to life.

Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros was arrested Tuesday after trying to open a bank account with a fake ID bearing a photo of the Oscar-winning actor. De Barros was charged with use of false documents and falsification of a public document. Making things even more obvious, he photo he used was a famous portrait first published in Entertainment Weekly in 2003.

Out of all celebrities to forge a fake ID from you choose Jack Nicholson? Why not choose Ben Affleck or Tom Cruise like the rest of us!

This is by far one of the best Jack Nicholson’s movie scenes ever…Beware of the language



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