On Sunday, basketball star LeBron James took to his Twitter feed to congratulate Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on his team’s come-from-behind victory against the Miami Dolphins, calling Tebow a “winner.”

It seemed innocent enough — until some very bitter NBA fans saw it.

Citing James’ own inability to win a championship and the way he fell apart while playing for the Miami Heat against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA finals, Twitter’s version of the peanut gallery sprang into action.

A few examples:

ESPN’s Skip Bayless tweeted: “Can’t wait to talk about LeBron’s tweet about Tebow. If only LeBron could say that about himself …”

Chris Burke of SI.com tweeted: “Takes one to know … oh wait.”

And Fufu Pounder tweeted: “I wish I could say the same about U in 4Q.”

Ouch. But it wasn’t all rotten tomatoes. ESPN’s Dick Vitale tweeted, “LeBron everyone wants to rip this kid & all he ever does is play his heart out. Sure he appreciated (your) tweet,” and Tony_Parsons7 tweeted, “I’ve never seen a public figure more criticized than @KingJames. Seriously everything he says is dissected and criticized. Its sickening.”

Seems until James has a shiny championship ring himself, some fans and critics would rather he kept his mouth shut and his fingers off the keyboard.