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New York Jets Game Highlights From October 9th- Week 6
The Houston Texans remain unbeaten after beating the New York Jets for the first time in team history, 23-17, on Monday night football. Good news for The Texans: they now join the Atlanta Falcons as the NFL's only teams without a loss this season. Bad news for the Jets: we still play Mark Sanch…
The New York Jets vs The Houston Texans- Week 5 Game Preview
Want to know what my predictions are for the New York Jets and the rest of the season? To quote the great Bill Murray “I'll give you a prediction. It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be gray, and it's gonna last you the rest of your life.” Now the season may not last the rest of your life, but it's sure …
New York Jets Week 2 Preview- What We Need To Work On
Mark Sanchez was at his best in Sunday's win over Buffalo. Sanchez put up big numbers but we need to see him do this more consistently this season. New York's success doesn't fall on him alone, but beating the Pittsburgh Steelers would do wonders for our Jets.
Has Olympian Lolo Jones Found the Perfect Man in Tim Tebow?
Has Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, who famously tweeted that she’s a virgin, finally found the perfect man? On ‘The Tonight Show‘ last night, Jones jokingly said she’s got her eye on none other than Tim Tebow. Now Tebow has yet another reason to take a knee.
Tebowing Now Featured In Madden
It’s been a few weeks since Tim Tebow’s name was in the headlines for heading to the New York Jets. Since then fans in New York were introduced to Tebowing. It’s just amazing that something as small as Tebowing just exploded all across the nation. It s…

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