The holiday season is here and that can only mean one thing: New Schultz and Dooley Utica Club Beer Steins for 2013. This year it appears 4 are available. Introducing Coach, Elf, Bagpiper, and Frank N Stein. 

Coach Stein

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Coach Stein features a classic baseball hat, a whistle, and team lineup sheet. Schultz & Dooley's newest stein arrives November 23 just in time for the holidays.


Elf Stein

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Finally, a Elf has joined the Stein family! What Elf wouldn't be complete without a jingle bell on his hat?


You can find more info on these steins right from The Brewery Shop: Frank N. Stein and The Bagpiper. A party to formally introduce the Steins will take place on November 23rd at the Brewery.

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