University At Buffalo Top College For Hookups
You always see articles explaining how New York makes lists of most beautiful fall foliage, best state fair, and of course best apples. One list you may not think New York landed on was for college hookups. University At Buffalo came in as the number 2 college in America for hookups.
Young Guy Gets Dating Advice From His Elders [VIDEO]
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and love is in the air! For most single people they are always seeking a good companion and the best advice sometimes comes from unexpected places. For Jonathon his romance advice came from The Los Angeles Jewish Home.
Ever Have A Bad Date That Went As Bad As This?
Whoa, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? I guess I should have known since the all of the Valentine stuff has been in the stores since Dec 26.  Well, with Valentine’s Day, there are always of tales of love gone wrong, or bad dates, or as I like to call th…

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