I saw John Waite for the first time a couple of years back at the Turningstone Showroom and it was crazy hearing that same voice that I was used to hearing on the radio all these years come out right in front of me! Fast forward to now and I'm actually IN radio and don't you know that I actually get the privilege of interviewing John tomorrow, who's out promoting his new album, 'LIVE - All Access' which is available on iTunes now.

I've got my own questions but thought I'd open it up to you, the listener and reader to submit your question and at least one one lucky listener (maybe a couple more, time depending) will get their question answered by John himself!! Submit your question below before noon tomorrow (12p, Sep. 20) and good luck! I'll air the interview this coming Monday morning!! In the meantime, here's John's latest single to add to his plethora of other hits to whet your appetite...



And for those of you who need your ears to help you recognize who this is... Here's the single that made him a household name!




John Waite Calls Out Journey as 'Super White Music'

There's little we like more, especially on a lazy Friday summer afternoon, than the beginnings of a good, old-fashioned musician slap-fight. And while it's not a shock that the newest one involves Journey, it is surprising that it isn't between past and former members of the band.