On June 11th John Waite released his new album called "Live: All Access". Want to take a listen? We have his latest single "If You Ever Get Lonely (Remastered)".

This album was released on iTunes June 11th. It is a collection of live recordings of songs from the 'Rough and Tumble' album, and from John's solo albums 'Ignition' and 'No Brakes' and from The Babys era.

"It was a great time” states Waite. “Keri had been working his way into the songs. The energy was worth recording. I took a shot at capturing the energy. We were having a blast and it shows in the performance. I think it was a golden time. It cost a small fortune to record and some of the shows were just so good it was worth going after. The band has come a long way and I would like to continue to put something out every 8 months. It's a great record..... Raw, no overdubs or bullshit. It's the truth!!!"

You can listen to his single by Clicking Here. Waite released a music video for his single back in 2011:

As you remember, Waite was the lead vocalist for The Babys and Bad English. As a solo artist, he scored several international hits, including 1984's "Missing You", a #1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 and a top ten hit on the UK Singles Chart.

Live: All Access is available now on iTunes.


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