Have you ever tried to Dine ‘n Dash? It’s ok to admit it now because we are all adults. We do stupid things when we are younger. For those that don’t know what dine ‘n dash is, It was a trick you played as a teen to slide out of paying for a bill at a restaurant. The trick was to be fast and not to get caught. Well, these four Syracuse teens need a little more practice. 

These four teens are facing Theft of Services charges after not paying for their meals at Cinderella’s Restaurant in Sylvan Beach. So here’s how state police say it played out:

The teens ate at Cinderella’s and were getting ready to dine ‘n dash. The teens walked out of the restaurant and tried making a quick dash to the getaway car. The only problem: the keys were locked inside. The owner of the car claimed that Triple-A would take too long to respond so they crossed the street and asked State Police for help. Meanwhile, the officers were responding to a call for two men and two women leaving the restaurant without paying for their food. The caller said the four were locked out of their vehicle and unable to leave. The four teens were arrested on the spot. I mean it was like 4 docks in a small pond for police.

Police say the search was pretty easy since their pants were halfway down.


If you are ever locked out and have a tatar handy, try this plan:




[via WIBX]