America's most underrated college sport has to be Beer Pong. College students all over Murica play this game on such a regular basis, that playing it with a normal Ping Pong Ball just isn't enough.

So how do you play Flaming Beer Pong anyways? You need a lighter, and a total lack of common sense.

The Press Enterprise of Bloomsburg reports that one student started the fire when he was using a lighter to pop a dent out of a ping pong ball. Wait a minute..... how much are ping pong balls? Aren't they like $1 for a whole box of them? Shouldn't he have just counted his loss?

The student dropped the ball, and once the fire-ball fell to the ground our student and his roommate tried to stomp on the ball to extinguish it, but it rolled under a bed, setting the bed on fire.

Deputy Fire Chief Scott McBride says the roommates tried to move the flaming mattress and box spring, then sprayed them with a fire extinguisher. Firefighters doused the bedding and removed it from the building. No one was hurt.

Seriously, next time boss buy a whole new box.