This makes me cry tears of joy. R.J. Hunters father is so happy he literally falls off his stool. The thing is R.J.'s father (Ron Hunter, Coach for Georgia State) was already injured due to over-celebrating with his son after the previous game.

Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

I'm a sucker for any kind of happy ending sports movie. I always cry. I guess that's also true in this scenario. This morning when I saw the video I was a blubbering idiot. I was so happy for him and his father.

Coach Ron Hunter injured his Achilles while celebrating with his team last week. Doctors put him in a cast and then he broke the cast when he fell off the rolling stool.

How many times did you watch? I'm still not done.

Those of you with kids know that overwhelming feeling of pride you get when they are good at what they love doing. In this case for the Hunters it's basketball. You can actually feel how proud Ron Hunter of his son. That was all daddy not coach.

I'm so happy for R.J. because we know that shot could have gone either way. Turnes out he saved the game.

I'll forgive him for ruining my bracket. I'm out. My bracket fell off the charts just like the coach falling off that stool.

What is this coach going to do if they keep winning? He has to settle down on the celebrating. LOL