Not every Classic Car is a classic because of it’s beauty or amazing speed. Sometimes it’s because they were so junky that everyone gets a good chuckle when ever you mention them. That’s what people do when they hear about the Pintos. The Ford Pinto was meant to be a simple vehicle that Ford could put together with a little time and money. Honestly, it showed. Steap on your seat belt and hope to god no one hits you in the tail end, let's hop into our Ford Pinto. 

Introduced in 1971 as competition for the new import and domestic subcompacts, the Pinto was meant to be so simple a vehicle that Ford could produce this vehicle with little time and money. The body styles of the pinto were a 2-door coupe, a two-door station wagon, a three-door hatchback and Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon. A small conversion wagon that came with round ‘bubble windows' in the side panels was very popular during the late 1970's.”

Ok, so it was suppose to be affordable, and help out the American family on the road. You have to respect Ford for that. But, due to their lack of money and design concept, the car defiantly had some major faults.

One major fault of this vehicle was the alleged design of the fuel tank that hinted in the result of deadly fires and explosions when rear end collisions occurred. The lack of a true rear bumper, as well as any major structure between the rear panel and the tank, was the cause of the fear of the tank being thrust during a collision by the numerous bolts that could puncture the tank. The door could also potentially jam during the hazard of an accident made the vehicle a potential deathtrap.”

Forbes Magazine included Pinto on its list of the worst vehicles of all time due to the alleged engineering, safety and reliability issues. But honestly, if you had one to sell for the right price I’d consider. I’m a comedian and hat could be even funnier than driving around in the worst car of all time?

I love how the commercial was so misleading too.




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