Classic Car- 1965 Ford Mustang
Maybe you were at the 1964 New York World's Fair. While you were enjoying some delicious cotton candy and corn dogs you looked over your shoulder and saw this magnificent beauty in the distance. We are talking about the 1965 Ford Mustand, today’s Classic Car.
Classic Car- 1971 Ford Torino
Maybe you were allowed to vote in 1971 because of the Twenty-sixth Amendment being passed to the US Constitution. This amendment lowered the voting age to 18. While you drove to the voting booth maybe you took a ride in your 1971 Ford Torino.
Classic Car- 1971 Ford Pinto
Not every Classic Car is a classic because of it’s beauty or amazing speed. Sometimes it’s because they were so junky that everyone gets a good chuckle when ever you mention them. That’s what people do when they hear about the Pintos. The Ford Pinto was meant to be a simple vehicle that Ford could p…
Classic Car- 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback
Cars today just don’t have any style. They have no vintage feel to them what soever. I understand the need to make them small, and have great gas mileage but still I’d drive a 1968 Ford Mustang every day of the week if I could. Let’s take a look at our…
Ford To Make Recyclable Car
Ford is making plans to build the 2012 Focus Electric from 2 million used plastic bottles from landfills. The body of the car won't be made from trash, but the seat fabric will made from a hybrid blend of recycled plastic bottles and other trash...

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