Let’s take you back to March of 1984. You were hanging with friends in your garage drinking some Utica Club blasting music. It was a party. You were sick of your old 45’s. Some at your party brought over a new album. It was David Gilmour’s “About Face”.

“About Face” was the second solo album by the Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, released in March 1984. The album was recorded at a time when Pink Floyd's future was uncertain. Gilmour assembled some of the best musicians of all time to work on this album including: Jeff Porcaro, Pino Palladino, Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, Roy Harper, Michael Kamen, Sam Brown and Steve Winwood.

Doing this album I wanted to make a really good record. I didn't want to do it very very quickly, and I wanted to get the best musicians in the world that I could get hold of to play with me, so I thought I'd just make a little list of all my favourite musicians, you know, best drummer, best bass player, best keyboard player, and I'll work through the list to see who I can get. Jeff Porcaro was top of my drummers list, Pino Palladino was top of my bass players list, and Ian Kewley, or the Rev, as he's known, he actually came and did the bulk of the hammond and piano playing, and he was terrific. Steve Winwood was top of my keyboard playing list but he couldn't do most of the album, but I got him to do a bit. He played hammond organ on "Blue Light." I had a bit more time and was feeling a bit freer about things on this album...just more "accidents" tend to occur.

—David Gilmour

Track Listing

Side one

No.      Title

1.         "Until We Sleep"

2.         "Murder"

3.         "Love on the Air"

4.         "Blue Light"

5.         "Out of the Blue"


Side two

No.      Title

6.         "All Lovers Are Deranged"

7.         "You Know I'm Right"

8.         "Cruise"

9.         "Let's Get Metaphysical"

10.       "Near the End"




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