Are Topless Tuesdays At Sylvan Beach For Real?
NYC, or at least the women therein have been making a splash since last year, parading around with seemingly forgotten tops and of course attracting all manner of reactions from passersby. That's four hours away though, what if this happened in our back yard 'pool' as it were...
E3Port Card: Nintendo E3 2013 Direct
Today is our final installment, and Nintendo’s E3 2013 Direct is in our sights. Nintendo chose a different route for its E3 presentation last year, but did a difference in presentation make for a more accurate E3? Let’s find out!
June Weather Predictions
Will June brides, dads and grads have nice weather for their special events? Now that June has arrived, let's take a look at the long-range weather forecast for the month here in central New York.
E3Port Card: Sony E3 2013 Media Briefing
Today it’s time to talk Sony, who really wowed the crowd last year with an impressive lineup of upcoming games and some fantastic gauntlet-dropping at the end. We’ll never forget that last moment, but did the rest of the conference perform as well? Let’s take a look!
Long Island Medium Talks About Her Psychic Powers [VIDEO]
I love TV shows about psychics, ghosts and UFOs, so occasionally I tune in "Long Island Medium" on TLC with Theresa Caputo. Bleached teased hair, long fingernails and all, she is very entertaining and often incredibly right-on with her psychic readings. What are here powers all abo…

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