NYC BASE Jump From Freedom Tower Ends In Arrests
Batman's done it, so's Spiderman and Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, oh and the kid who jumped off of the Encom building in TRON... But did you see that YouTube video of the guys that jumped off of the new 'One World Trade Center' in New York City at night?
DIY Project: Make a Top-Entry Litter Box
I'm going to sound like an informercial for a second. Are you sick of sweeping excessive litter around the litter box? Would you like to hid the contents of the litter box? Well, you need to make yourself a top-entry litter box. The price is unbeatable. This DIY litter box can be yours for only $5 t…
How Much Snow Did Central New York Get?
Yesterday was a winter blast and then some, and we all spent a good part of last night and this morning digging out from the snow here in the Utica-Rome area. How much snow did we get? Check out my scientific research.

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