Never Tick Off Your Garbageman
So, rumor has it that garbagemen make a decent chunk of change in exchange for their rather menial labor, but just like anybody else, they can have a rough day too.
Chemtrails – Myth Or Malicious? Here Are The Facts
When I was a kid, I used to look up and wonder what that cloudy trail was that followed airplanes tracking high up in the sky. Well now I know as I hang out there regularly, but there is a conspiracy theory that's been picking up some major speed lately
Spring Cleaning Tips
Now the we're well into spring, you may be starting your spring cleaning. The weather hasn't cooperated much with outdoor cleaning chores, so here are some tips on making your indoor spring cleaning easier.
Affordable Spring Break Family Vacation Ideas
As many schools will be beginning spring break in the next couple of weeks, families often take a spring vacation. College students have a whole different idea of "spring break", but if you'd like to take your family on an affordable vacation this time of year, here are some i…
Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? [VIDEO]
OK, this isn't a question that keeps me up at night, but as I'm always fascinated by nature, I have wondered why zebras have stripes. When you think about it, why would any animal need stripes? This may be the answer.

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