Tonight on CBS you can catch an all new episode of Big Brother after 8 o’clock. Tonight we will find out which two houseguests are up for nomination. Guess what, we already know! SPOILER ALERT! Do not read more if you don't want to know. So once again SPOILER ALERT!

I'll give you one more warning, DO NOT READ AHEAD



Our first nominations of Big Brother season 14 are...




Frank and Kara. There is no clear reason why yet, I'm guessing we will find out tonight. But here's a couple quick facts: Frank is on Team Boogie, Kara is on Team Dan. During the first big challenge of the season, Kara was the only member of Team Dan that brought back a bear in the challenge. As you may remember Jodi packed her bags for home. So she may have proven herself to our HOH, Willie, that she may be a threat. As for Frank, he was also a strong competitor.


Dave's Prediction

I'm guessing that Willies pick of Frank was because Frank is seen as a threat. However, his pick of Kara I'm a bit confused. Sure, she proved to be a strong competitor grabbing the bear, but it just doesn't make sense. Maybe its a throw a way nomination so Willie can put up another houseguest after the Veto challenge. I guess we will find out tonight.