Fellow DJ, Jumpin' Zach Flash will appreciate this one as he was the first person that I'd ever heard mentioning these little critters in a real life conversation! Turns out they're much more prevalent in your hotel room (and your bedroom) than you might think! Next time you have to stay overnight somewhere, this app will compliment your black light nicely as necessary 'safety' equipment while traveling!


Keith James / Protect-A-Bed


Bed Bugs 101 is put out by Protect-A-Bed (yeah, that's the company's real name) and they've put this little free app together to let us all know about an invisible pest that does what mosquitoes and fleas do, but is impossible to see. The app features a bug ID, where to look for them (not just your bed), how to protect yourself short of wearing a full HAZMAT suit for peejays and even a bed bug game believe it or not! So, while you're lounging on your infested bed, be sure to eradicate them on your phone because that's all you'll be able to do. Enjoy your night's rest on the dresser-top!


Wikipedia Commons