Now that we're approaching backyard barbecue season, we focus on an age-old problem...the watery ketchup squeeze. You know how when you first squeeze ketchup out of the bottle on your burger and that watery stuff comes out first (yech)! Now, some high school kids have found the solution. (By the way, I never put ketchup on hot dogs)!

Here are the details, according to an article by John Biggs on

"The students, Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, go to North Liberty High School and are part of Project Lead The Way, a STEM education project that aims to bring students closer to technology. Richards and Thompson used the skills they learned in the program to brainstorm, design, and print a clever new cap that ensures that only sloppy, delicious ketchup comes out of the bottle instead of the weak, tea-like slop that comes out as a sort of pre-condimental mess."

Watch this video demonstration: