If you are hoping to meet women, but tired of patrolling the bars you need some new places to check out. Here are some cool non-bar spots according to MadeMan where to meet women:

Cozy Restaurant

Women like to go to small quiet restaurants because these places are their "safe haven." It's almost like a sanctuary. It's peaceful, and relaxing.

Organic Food Market

Just think, the shelves are filled with interesting products and there's always something to use as a conversation starter. However, open your wallet because this stuff is expensive.

Yoga Class

Might seem like the worst place on planet Earth, but it really isn't. When you go into the class, position yourself in the very back so when it’s time to leave, you can get out first, linger a bit, and then ask her what she thought of it.

Wheres the best place you've had luck finding women at?

[via MadeMan]