There's a good chance your electric and gas bill goes up in 2021, if you're a National Grid customer.

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According to, National Grid has asked New York State regulators for permission to to raise electricity and gas delivering prices for its Upstate New York customers by over $140 million, starting in July of 2021.

If the proposal is approved, residential electric customers would see an average increase of four percent (or $3.43 a month), while residential gas customers would see an average increase of six percent (or $4.53 a month).

National Grid originally wanted to file the request for the new rates in April, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed that.

“We worked hard to strike a balance between what is needed in the near term to maintain and improve reliability and further support our customers, and we postponed other initiatives to later years to lessen the financial impact on customers," said John Bruckner, the company’s president.

While the rate increase would impact energy delivery charges, it would not impact the "supply charges" on customers' bills.

National Grid is still planning on filing for $50 million, which will be for "COVID-19 relief", in order to support their most economically vulnerable residential customers and businesses that have suffered during the pandemic.

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