How does three hours of paid time off at work sound? Well, legally, your boss has to let you take it this Tuesday if you're going to vote.

Election Day is coming up on November 5, and because of a new law from earlier this year, employers are required to allow their employees to take three hours from their workdays to do their civic duty. However, there's a couple stipulations for employees that are super important.

If you're going to take the three hours of paid time off, you have to apply them at the beginning or the end of your shift, unless you and your boss work something else out beforehand. More importantly, if you plan on taking time off to vote, you have to let your boss know two work days in advance, which is today, Friday, November 1. So stop whatever you're doing and make sure you claim your hours off!

Read all about the new law here and find a poll site near you here.


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