Remember these? I honestly haven't even seen these cereals much less had them on my countertop in decades! Of course the boxes looked much different (and bigger) back when General Mills rolled these out in the early 70's a couple of years before I was born but I can remember chowing on them regularly up until I discovered Pop Tarts anyway. :P

photo: Keith James

Apparently we haven't seen them much because they're primarily stocked by retailers during the fall months now to coincide with Halloween, at least before a decision was made by GM just two years ago to only manufacture them during those months as well. No wonder! Anyhow, just seeing the new box covers, although different than the originals brings back so many memories. To jog your memory here's what the boxes used to look like:



Wow, what a difference huh? Things have come a long way and it's always interesting to see what lasts, just like the music you listen to on this station. Some songs, brands, what-have-you have stood the test of time while others have fallen by the wayside. What were some of your favorite cereals growing up and if you still eat cereal today, what are your favorites now and have your tastes changed much over the years? Have fun reminiscing and check out this classic commercial that you might remember too from the 80's!