The year was 1999. I just bought a shiny red Saturn (my first car with a built-in CD player) and I needed some tunes to drive (speed) to. I went out and grabbed Vertical Horizon's 'Everything You Want' and it became the soundtrack in my car for that entire summer. If you don't recognize them, they had hits like their title one above, 'You're a God' and 'The Best I Ever Had' and then fell into relative obscurity from all but their hardcore fans who drool for a moment like tonight.

15 years later VH will finally be on our doorstep, or rather that of MVCC's Shafer Theater anyway. The show starts at 8p tonight with our own Shawn 'Big Sexy' Smith opening the evening and you can grab tickets here.



Editorially, lead singer, Matt Scannell writes some of the best lyrics that I've ever heard, leaving room to interpret the meanings in ways that make sense only to you. It seems that Matt can't write a bad song and the grooves his band lays down underneath are sure to grab you as much in person as they do on their records, and speaking of which, unlike most 90's bands, this band still is and has been putting out new music since their singles came and went on the radio and you can download their latest single here in order to whet your appetite for tonight's show.

Don't miss this as it will probably the last time the band comes this close to us, because there's really only one reason why they're here in the first place.Below is a peek at the band not even a month ago: Matt's cueball look hasn't changed at all and by contrast it looks as if they've hired a lumberjack on bass! Come see (and hear) for yourself tonight and grab tickets in advance below for what is sure to be one of the most memorable shows you'll see in a long time.


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